Machine Components

Machine Components

Impact-proof, Chemical Resistant, Fire Resistant Plastic Approved for use with Food

  • Impact-proof
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Fire Resistant
  • Plastic Approved for use with Food


  • Machine components are produced to order and delivered ready for use in assembly lines in Denmark or abroad.
  • The items for the mechanical industry are numerous and for example tubs, lids, covers, screens for chains and gear-wheels, motor housings etc.
  • The items for machines are often produced in a high quality impact-proof plastic material.
  • A material which can meet all requirements regarding chemical resistance, approvals for use with food, antistatic properties as well as fire resistant properties required in Denmark/USA and other countries.
  • Thermoformed items can be produced by vacuum forming machines or by handcraft depending of requirements and quality.
  • High quality product is secured by producing in CNC processing equipment in order to get a uniform quality and a perfect finish in every production.
  • We produce our own tools for the vacuum forming, or the tools are produced in cooperation with our very capable partners.
  • Vacuum forming is often financially attractive when producing prototypes, 0-series and smaller batches.
  • The possibilities are legio, let us assist you in the evaluation of your requirements.


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