CRS Plastic Industries - Main Competences

CRS Plastic Industries is today a high technologies supplier in the Plastic branch.
Modern equipment for vacuum forming in many sizes gives the opportunity to produce in many different kind of Plastic materiel.
CRS using CNC drilling and milling for processing the item after vacuum forming as well as for simple processing work at a high quality standard.
We have a long experience in manufacturing from prototypes to mass production.
Together with our costumer and business partners we are developing and designing product and production mould for both proto types and following production.
With a long experience in export we are ready to support you worldwide.

Plastic Vacuum Forming - Explained:

Here you can view a small animation on how the Plastic Vacuum Forming Process is performed.

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Our main competences

Plastic Thermoforming
Vacuum Forming
Plastic Processing, CNC - Milling and Drilling, 2D & 3D
Ultrasonic and Heat Welding
Prototypes, 0-series and Series Production
Construction - Mould and Product Development
Export - World wide