About FLEXTUB - The No. 1 Worldwide Security and Airport Baggage Tray

Primary for use in airports and meet the highest demands to quality. FLEXTUBs are extremely hard wearing and their long lifetime makes them financially attractive. FLEXTUBs are designed specifically for the systems in which they will be used in terms of colour and shape. The light weight ensure easy manual handling. FLEXTUBs are produced in a durable material to minimize the risk of damage to hands and fingers for passengers and handling personnel alike. The durability of the FLEXTUBs securing a long life time cycles. The material of the FLEXTUBs makes it possible to carry out screening in connection with baggage security system. FLEXTUBs move around the airport transport system almost without any noise.

Branding with Ads and Logos

FLEXTUBs are designed with space for ads or logos. The design of specific types of FLEXTUBs provides space on the sides for advertising, logos or other types of labelling. The countersunk area reduces wear and tear. Use preferably vinyl labelling on the FLEXTUBs.

In some types of FLEXTUBs it is possible to have
your logo formed in the bottom of the tub.

Customer Specific Design

FLEXTUBs produced for specific projects are individually designed. Any requirements for advertising space are taken into consideration during the design phase.
The logos can be placed as required by the customer. The final design of the tub ensures an optimum solution for use at the airport facilities.